City trips

The benefits of holiday time spent in cities

Tokyo cityCities are great places to spend a few days in order to get a feel for a country. Think of the fun that could be had in New York, Tokyo, Sydney, London, Paris or any of the big names that spring to mind. People in big cities are different in nature, they seem more savvy and perhaps more cynical than those in more rural areas. This has its own particular charm, at least in small doses! From its early nineteenth century origins intertwined with the process of industrialization, city living has attracted spikey personalities due to the large number of strangers encountered and sensual stimuli present. While it may be possible to come to know and understand people over time in a rural setting, a blasé approach is needed to cope with the sheer number of ‘others’ in the city. This means that tourists come and go without ever being noticed, a very different experience than you would have if you visited a small town where everybody knows everybody else. Both of these options have their own stregths and weaknesses and it all comes down to personal preference in the end.

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