Five Reasons Why Traveling is Awesome

holidays abroad Just like what it did to a million other people, the infectious travel bug has bit lots of people. Every day, while pounding on their keyboards in dreary offices, many often daydream of simply resigning, walking away, strapping on their backpacks, and enjoying cheap holidays abroad.

Many totally envy those people who had the courage to turn their back away from the corporate world to follow their feet to see the wonders of our planet. Never mind the absolute lack of money. Never mind the complete non-assurance of a steady income. Never mind that agonizing feeling of loneliness. Never mind facing the both natural and man-made risks. For them, these inconveniences and hardships are adventures in themselves, normal aspects when indulging in the world of traveling.

Why do many people prefer to give most, if not all, their time, money, and effort so they can travel? Why do they risk life and limb (and even more) just to climb snow-capped mountains, explore a ghost town, walk from one museum to another, or sleep in couches in cheap inns or even private homes?

1. Traveling allows people to see the world in a new perspective. Most non-travellers have a distorted view of the world thanks to what is presented in mass media. Travelling allows individuals to see the real world. For instance, travellers may see breathtaking wonders in regions that were presented in media as polluted or devastated. They may find pockets of peace and friendly locals in countries that were portrayed as war-torn.

2. Travelling educates people. What people learn in the classroom, history books, and websites are miniscule. Travelling allows people to learn about cultures, countries, and histories more than the most comprehensive instructional materials in the classroom.

3. Travelling heals. Have you ever wondered how I got bitten by the travel bug? It all started with a heartache. My boyfriend of ten years dumped me for another girl. I was utterly devastated until a friend suggested we go traveling together to let my mind off the guy. Going with her for a cheap, week-long backpacking trip to Greece (just one flight from where I live, actually) changed everything. I found myself so busy admiring the sights and indulging in activities that I began to “forget” my ex. Traveling gives people space and time to heal whatever psychological, mental, or spiritual problem that they may be suffering from.

4. Travelling instills confidence. Travellers learn to depend on their own, from managing their money to arranging their schedules. They go out to strange or out-of-the-way places with little or no support at all. They scale mountains or dive into deep seas with nothing more than their wits with them. Having survived (and enjoyed) all these definitely boosts self-confidence and self-reliance.

5. Travelling teaches respect. As travellers interact with individuals in other places, visit spectacular sights, learn more about a place’s history, and indulge in a culture, they begin to find a newfound respect for the world. I’ve even read of a very wealthy billionaire who travelled to Kenya to visit a Masai tribe. He developed a huge level of respect and appreciation of the tribe that he decided to give up his fortune to live in a mud hut in the Kenyan village.

Has the travel bug bitten you yet? Let it bite you. Book cheap holidays online today. Traveling gives you an opportunity to transform your life for the better. It did exactly just that to me.

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