Are you a cheap holidays traveller? Do you usually spend inordinate amounts of time scouring the Net for the most affordable flights and accommodations? Are you always on the lookout for promo airfares, hotel room discounts, and packaged tours?  Do you always make it a point to negotiate with the travel service provider for a lower rate? You are not alone, and your effort to strike the best deal possible is perfectly understandable; you want good value for your money. So it is also perfectly understandable how frustrated, exasperated, disappointed, and angry you must feel if you actually lose your money during your travel. And believe us when we say that this unfortunate event usually happens more frequently than you think. All over the world, travellers use their credit cards, debit cards, and cash due to sheer negligence (e.g., forgetting their wallet in the taxi, leaving their wallet in their hotel room, etc.) or burglary. They can lose their money too when they unknowingly invest in a scam. A lot of things can really go wrong out there.

Now what if this would happen to you? What if you’re suddenly without your wallet, cash, or credit cards? Here are some ways to help you get out of this sticky situation.

Keep yourself calm and composed.

If you panic, you won’t be able to think clearly as thoughts of assumptions cloud your better judgment.

Right away, inform your bank that you lost your credit card or debit card so your lost cards couldn’t be used by unscrupulous people.

Also, ask the bank to identify and report any fraudulent charges to you. To avoid charges, you can call the bank through their 1-800 number or through Skype.

If someone calls you to tell you he has found your card and wants to know certain personal data (e.g. bank account number, PIN number, etc.) to “process” the return, cut the call.

Most certainly, that’s the unscrupulous finder who wants to use your card. If you feel that the call is legitimate, ask to meet with the finder at a busy public place. Have him show you his ID upon meeting.

Call your family or bank to send you emergency money through wire.

If you have a fellow traveller with you, ask if the money could be wired to his Paypal account. Then have him withdraw the funds from an ATM.

If the bank issues you a replacement card, have it sent to a secure location such as your hotel or a travel agency.

The bank usually sends your new card via a courier.

Prevention is the best way to avoid such loss.

Thus, observe precautions to avoid losses. For instance, leave the bulk of your emergency cash in your hotel’s safe. Distribute cash and cards in different hiding places in your clothing, not just in your wallet. Have a stash of emergency cash at hand. Do not give money to strangers, and be alert always.

Spending cheap holidays abroad is definitely safe, if you follow the pointers above.

Dwight Walker

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