Really Cheap Vacations, Anyone?

Having a holidays in some exotic country is a great way to relieve stress, reward yourself from all that hard work, explore the wonders of the world, learn new cultures, and meet new friends. However, many people are still hesitant to go on a getaway because of the belief that such endeavor can empty their bank accounts.

Well, that may be true decades ago. After all, everything that is new is initially costly. But with the advent of budget airlines, economy hotels, numerous car rental options, and other perks thanks to players in the travel and tourism industry, cheap travel is now within everyone’s reach.

What’s more, people, especially ones with the fire of adventure in their souls, have happily adopted low-cost forms of travel that can save them even more money. Do you want to be one of them? Well, you can definitely make use of these tips.

1. Economy hotels can definitely save you a bunch. However, there are other kinds of accommodations that are even cheaper than such hotels. For instance, you can stay in bed-and-breakfasts, motels, and inns. In many countries, couch surfing has become an accepted form of accommodation. Couch surfing means you stay in someone else’s home, sleeping in an extra room, on a mat on the floor, in a barn, etc. Yes, the venue may be rudimentary, but at least you’ll have a place to sleep.

2. Many travel sites encourage going around places by riding public transportation. But if the sites you wish to visit are in close proximity to each other (a mile or two), why not use your own two feet? Walking is good exercise and allows you to discover the place up close and personal.

3. If your destination necessitates bus or train travel for several hours, then book your travel during the night. You can sleep in transit, allowing you to save on accommodations. And remember, you can actually sleep anywhere. The belief that you can’t sleep on a bus or train is just a state of mind.

4. If you’re really adventurous, you can go to places by hitchhiking. A few of my adventuring buddies actually accomplished a significant portion of their itineraries by hitchhiking. Just make sure you look harmless (e.g., avoid showing tattoos, keep a clean-shaven face, look clean and well-groomed, etc.) so motorists will be inclined to pick you up.

5. You can also save money on food. Just go to local eateries; in many countries in Southeast Asia, you can actually eat on makeshift food establishments right by the road. It’s a gastronomic adventure as you sample the region’s delights and eat your fill. Just have yourself checked by a doctor  there may be food that you are allergic to.

6. Try to avoid costly beach resorts if you wish to enjoy the sea. For all you know, they just the share the same coastline with less expensive public beaches. Personally, I find relaxing in public beaches better because I see how locals actually have fun, the same locals who often lack the money to enjoy the amenities in expensive resorts. With the help of local folks, I even found secret coves that are actually better than the beach lines in costly resorts.

7. Book your adventures (e.g., mountaineering, rock climbing, island hopping, scuba diving, etc.) when you arrive in your destination. Oftentimes, local tour operators offer cheaper rates than pre-packaged deals in the Internet. Additionally, you support the local economy.

Have a happy, cost-effective vacation.

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