After a month or two of meticulous planning and saving, you are about to book cheap holidays online. And because this is going to cover quite a few nations, you are giving yourself a month to explore the destinations in those nations. Does that mean too that you have to pack a month’s worth of clothes and other supplies? That would definitely mean a lot of luggage. Unfortunately, that’s what many travellers do. Too often, they pack far too many travel essentials in large bags. The result? Well, you know it: heavy and bulky pieces of luggage that need to be hauled and checked in. And that’s just the start of the horror. Once they arrive at the destination, these travellers need to carry those luggage pieces again to their hotel. Then they may have to haul the bags whenever they need to move to another place. And upon a closer look at what they packed, they have actually more stuff than they need for the duration of their holidays.

That’s why modern travellers have wised up and ditched the gigantic strollers and traditional travel bags. Now, they have opted for the lighter, more convenient, and more portable backpack. No, we’re not talking about the bulky ones used by mountaineers to carry their gear into the wilderness for a multi-day adventure. We are talking about more compact daypacks, the ones that hikers use to carry a

So do you have to follow this trend of lightweight packing? Yes, you should! Here are the advantages.

Heavy bags and backpacks can be detrimental to your health.

There have been reports that people carrying heavy bags have incurred physical discomfort and even severe back injuries. A daypack, on the other hand, is light to carry. Even when filled to the brim, the weight is manageable.

If you carry a smaller bag, you can take it with you inside airplanes, ferries, trains, buses, and taxis.

There’s no need to check them in in airports or seaports. Also, since you can’t easily carry heavy and large luggage anywhere, you can’t leave them in airports, bus stations, or train stations. You need to keep an eye on them (unless you have another companion), preventing you from going somewhere else, for example, the toilet.

A smaller daypack prevents you from acquiring more things along your way

Things that you do not need. It discourages you from stuffing in more than you should because of the pack’s limited space.

With a smaller backpack, packing and repacking is easier and faster.

You can walk anywhere freely with your day pack.

And, without trudging a heavy luggage, you won’t look like a typical tourist who is often targeted by scammers and unscrupulous people.

You don’t need to pack in all your essentials anyway because you can get them at your destination.

For instance, you don’t need to pack your entire wardrobe. Just carry a few sets of clothes, and have the dirty ones taken to the laundry in your destination. The same principle holds true for toiletries; you don’t need to bring them from your point of origin. Just buy the needed toiletries at your destination.

Check and don a backpack.

Dwight Walker

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