The Best Bike Trails Around the World

cheapest holiday A certain type of adventurer always looks for the cheapest holidays a travel service provider can offer. Oh, he must be a backpacker who has a pretty strong hold on his money, you might think. That is until you see his check-in “luggage.” Why is he carrying a top-of-the-line mountain bike? Why is he packing up spare parts and tools? Why is he bringing top-quality bike apparel? Hmmm! He’s not a thrifty backpacker after all. If you take a look at his ticket, you’d probably notice that he’s heading out to a destination that is known for its bike trails.

If you are an avid biker, then you would like to ride along some of the world’s top cycle routes. Here are some of them

* La Route Verte in Canada
Cutting across the province of Quebec from east to west is the recently completed Route Verte, or Green Route. It is one of the longest routes in the world, running around 4,000 kilometers. Bikers would feel safe due to bike lanes and carefully selected rights of way. The trail is easy to follow, has numerous signs, and features directions to interesting sites. Sceneries can change from vast plains to lofty mountain views.

* Underground Railroad Bicycle Route from USA to Canada
To memorialize the honor and bravery of African slaves to reach the land of freedom, the Adventure Cycling Association created this route that snakes from Mobile, Alabama, USA to Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. The five segments that make up the biking route comprise the route of 3,310 kilometers. Along the route are sites that highlight its history; you can come across remnants of slave markets to modern museums.

* Ruta Austral in Chile
A great route for intermediate long-distance bikers, the Ruta Austral route in Chile is mostly made of unpaved gravel and runs over 1,300 kilometers from Puerto Montt, Central Chile to Villa O’ Higgins in Northern Patagonia. Since the route crosses over several bodies of water, you might need to load your bike on ferries. The Ruta Austral rewards bikers with wild and beautiful landscapes, particularly the lovely sceneries of the Cerro Castillo and Queulat National Parks.

* Munda Biddi Trail in Western Australia
Munda Biddi is the Noogar Aboriginal term for “path through the forest.” The 332 kilometer rough bike trail takes you inside virgin forests that are predominantly carpeted with eucalyptus trees. Be on the lookout for endemic wildlife such as the brushtail possum, western gray kangaroos, and the brush wallaby along the way.

* Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam
This cool trail is best for bikers who love tropical weather and sandy beaches aside from the sport itself. The trail runs for around 746 kilometers, connecting the two biggest cities of the country. There are many sights to enjoy along the trail, from picturesque villages to massive tropical mountains.

* Gran Fondo Campagnolo in Italy
The route is made and named to honor Tulio Campagnolo, the inventor of the today’s bike gear-shifting system. The 130-kilometer route takes you to the top of four mountains, averaging at 13,780 feet. Obviously, you’ll be rewarded with out-of-this-world views of valleys, plains, and peaks.

Now, check, pack up your bike gear, and pedal along the world’s greatest trails.

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