Are you having a hard time looking for a destination that is perfect for your cheap luxury holidays? Then why don’t you go to Menorca were you can spend your dream holiday? Leave all that work and stress back at the door, and fly away where a lovely paradise awaits you.

The island of Menorca, which, in Latin means “minor,” is one of the Balearic Islands of Spain. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, it is smaller than the nearby island of Majorca.

Menorca is a great holiday place for those want to do away with mass tourism spots. Indeed, many travelers who want peace, quiet, and a return to nature consider this island a haven. Here, the ways of the ancients are still being practiced by the locals. Here, traditional summer fiestas are still being celebrated and enjoyed.

Here, wildlife and natural wonders are still untouched.

If you want to spend a vacation in this quiet island, you need to stay in one of the nice hotels in Menorca. But which one should you book in? Here are a couple of tips to help make your selection narrower and easier.

1. Check hotel ratings and reviews from former guests.

Guidebooks and descriptions from hotels’ websites provide a lot of information. However, you can find unbiased, factual, and useful information from previous guests. Many online travel sites allow you to select a hotel then read reviews from hotel guests of that particular establishment. You can also go to travel message boards or forums where you could ask questions about which hotel you should stay in. Be careful of overly positive reviews because these might be written by hotel employees themselves.

2. Hotel chains

Some hotels in Menorca belong to an international hotel chain. Staying in an establishment that belongs to a chain is an excellent option because hotel chains uphold very stringent standards that are adhered to, to maintain a positive image. Hotels in the chain usually have similar facilities.

3. Ideal location

When it comes to choosing hotels, nothing is more important than its location. Be sure that you are staying in a hotel which is near your destination. Just think: you booked in an incredibly cheap hotel but have to contend walking several miles to go to the beach, which is your purpose in Menorca. Now that is a real inconvenience!

4. Deals

Call the hotel to find out if they have discounts. Many establishments offer handsome price cuts during off season to draw in patrons. Also, try to whip out your frequent flyer card or credit card. Many hotels recognize and honor points gathered from miles or purchases. These points can be used to get discounts, freebies, meals, extra services, and others.

As you can see, it is quite easy to book hotels in Menorca. To do so, log in to Travel Republic, one of the biggest travel agencies in UK.

Dwight Walker

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