Being a cheap holidays traveller and visiting other countries has become a passion that is characterised by a lot of dynamism. The players of the travel and tourism industry must keep up with vigour to accommodate the needs and demands of travellers. Now, that’s good news for individuals who love to explore other lands and immerse in other cultures. Why? Well, they have more options, tools, and services that can make travelling easier, cheaper, and more fun.

Overseas spending card such as the Halifax Clarity card

If you purchase goods or services abroad with your credit card, expect your credit card company to put in a 3 percent add-on, which can be quite a lot if your currency’s value is lower than that of the country you’re visiting. Now, there’s a cheaper option: purchase a special overseas spending card. By doing so, you can get ideal exchange rate. Just make sure you pay in full to prevent accumulating interest.

Free satellite navigation such as Navfree

If your smartphone has a GPS function, then you can download a free sat nav application such as Navfree free of charge. That means, you can download local maps into your phone. The nifty thing about this is that once it’s downloaded, you don’t need Internet data to search routes or access the maps. Although it is not as comprehensive as paid systems, it can definitely be useful.

Free language translator Android app through Google Translate

With this application, you can decipher words and phrases to the local dialect in your Android device. Best of all, it’s free. Furthermore, after downloading free language packs on Android, you can use the translator without any Internet action.

Wearable luggage

One of the best ways to travel cheaply is to just bring a carry-on luggage because you don’t have to pay for check-in luggage. And now, there’s even a better way. Check out the new big-pocket traveller’s jacket from Rufus Roo. It’s not really as stylish as other jackets, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you can put travel essentials such as first-aid kits, rain gear, extra clothes, etc. in the jacket’s large pockets. Carry-on luggage has just taken in an entirely new meaning.

Better exchange rates

Exchange rates offered at the airport terminal are probably the worst rates ever. If you need to get your travel cash from the airport, you need to order for a better rate. You can use TravelMoneyMax to take advantage of the best possible deal, including commissions and fees.

Free flights

Really? You have got to be kidding! Nope. You see, credit cards provide all kinds of freebies to holders, including free flights, accommodations, meals, and gifts. To take advantage of the freebie, you need to spend on the card. Check out Credit Care Freebies guide for more information.

Travel plan tracker

This is especially useful if you’re planning to have along, big trip. Say goodbye to disorganized booking confirmation e-mails, piles of itineraries, and confusing budget tracing. Download the TripIt and Remember The Milk apps so you can organise your travel plans better and more efficiently.

Enjoy pleasant, more efficient cheap summer holidays experiences with these tools.

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